The game is a web version, played with mouse and keyboard. With the mouse, it gives direction. Space is separated from the keyboard by a space, and the player throws food with the W key.

The baits are found in certain places on the map, and with the players eating these baits, they grow. These baits vary according to the system of the specific game and are renewed at certain times and never end.

viruses can be stored in small cells and large cells if they break into divide the viruses into large pieces to divide the person's own part. If given with the W key, the virus can move. If asked, it can be used to grow them.

Game modes,

FFA: The general mode in which all players are opponents of each other.

Teams: Players are randomly assigned to one of the teams with three different colors. It is a modality in which players with the same color can not eat each other and only the players in different colors can eat each other.

Experimental: It is a mode where there are generators that produce small pieces in the game. The cell grows faster on this count.

Rainbow: This gaming mode is called entertainment mode. The game is similar to the FFA game mode. The only difference in the Rainbow game mode is that the characters of the game and the baits are dressed in blinking colors.

Other modes include,

These modes are the different modes preferred by the builder, some of which are examples,

zombie modu party mode virus mode rainbow mod HungerGames mode Tournament mode can be added by the founder on request.

the game is played online - online via a web browser, and the game is played over the site address given the link to the url link. The game can be played by the elderly over the age of 12 and the main goal in the game is to design the content in the 1st place.

Important Statement,

The design and coding of the game belongs to the website. contents can not be copied and distributed. Copyright of our design, layout and design is copyrighted under the code 5846. site can not be copied, distributed, altered, published in any way commercially without written permission. Unauthorized copying and use can not be made without specifying the source.

You can click the link below to play the game happy games., the player manipulates a circular cell using the mouse and keyboard buttons. The goal of the game is to become the biggest cell on the map. To do so, the player should eat smaller cells and survive from bigger cells. Other players that have smaller cells than the player are also able to be eaten. Originally, a browser game, entered Steam Greenlight and was subsequently "Greenlit" by the community, with the developers indicating that they planned to add more features not available in the web version of the game. is available to play for free on the website

Players can also use various skins for their cells.